The move represents the recent decision of the company’s shareholders and board of directors to bring Napco to a whole new level - tapping into newer markets and introducing more products and services.

Sayyid Wasfi Jamshid Abdullah Al Said, chairman of the Board of Directors (pictured), Napco, said: “Napco’s expansion initiatives will be implemented in three key phases - starting off this year and the year thereafter. The move demonstrates our commitment towards increasing our output.

"To date, Napco already exports a total of 70% of its output to key markets that include the GCC, Europe, Africa and Asia. The expansion will help bring the company to a whole new level as it seeks to gain a wider reach in both international and regional markets and increases our production capacity. It also complements NAPCO’s vision to provide high quality of extrusions to Oman and the rest of the world.”

The company's recent performance indicators have shown an increased demand for Napco's products, which has prompted its shareholders and directors to implement a strategic expansion move, allowing for a wider reach in both international and regional markets and driving in an increase in production capacity. Napco currently produces its products through two extrusion presses.