MYTILINEOS announced that it signed its last agreement with the Public Power Corporation (PPC) for the supply of electricity to the Metallurgy Business Unit.

The signing of the agreement demonstrates the excellent cooperation and relationship of the two companies, and shows a collective understanding of the importance of sustainability in the industry.

As the last contract between the two companies, after 60 years of uninterrupted cooperation, it presents an ample example of the importance of sustainability in the aluminium industry. MYTILINEOS has of its committed to its new framework strategy for the company’s transition to a more sustainable manufacturer. With targets to reduce the company’s emissions by 30% in all its activities by 2030 and to achieve climate-neutrality by 2050, the company has demonstrated its dedication to a green future by ending the 60-year partnership with the PPC.

MYTILINEOS aspires to reduce absolute CO2 emissions by 65% ​​and relative CO2 emissions (per ton aluminium produced), by 75%. By 2030, Aluminium of Greece will cover all its electricity needs from RES.

After the signing of the contract, Chairman and CEO of MYTILINEOS, Ev. Mytilineos said:

"Today we are signing our last contract with PPC. A collaboration that sealed the recent industrial history of Greece, is completed in the most appropriate way for both PPC and MYTILINEOS. For us, after 2023, a new era begins for the historic factory of ‘Aluminum of Greece’: a green and sustainable era, spearheading with national climate goals and the European Green Deal ".

Ev. Mytilineos, Chairman and CEO of MYTILINEOS

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