Noisy and polluting gas burners are often used for this purpose.

VHE of Iceland manufactures a ladle heater utilising high-temperature FeCrNi alloy wire elements mounted inside radiant tubes and rated at 80kW.

The VHE electric ladle heater is fully automatic. At the conclusion of the casting process a single push-button command sends the ladle firstly to a cleaning station and then onto the heating station, where it is correctly located and the insulated heater lid lowered such that the radiant tubes are fully inserted into the ladle.

The heating cycle then begins automatically. Programmable thyristor controllers maintain correct temperature profiles, heating the ladle lining to 1200°C.

When the ladle is returned to service a single push-button command ends the heating cycle and delivers the ladle to the furnaces at the anode sealing station.

VHE’s ladle and crucible heaters offer precise temperature control and reduce or eliminate thermal shock.

The elimination of noisy gas burners greatly improves health and safety, and significantly lower energy use without greenhouse gas emission significantly contributes to an improved environment.