Klaveness Digital and ZeroLab have announced they have entered into a new agreement with a major player in the aluminium industry to quantify CO₂ emissions emitted throughout their seaborne supply chain.

Martin Prokosch, Head of ZeroLab said,

“Cargo owners are increasingly paying attention to the supply chain emissions, also known as Scope 3 emissions. We welcome this opportunity to collaborate on increased transparency for the client’s shipping-related emissions. Although shipping emissions are a small part of most companies’ total Scope 3 emissions, they are often an emission source that can be improved. This project will provide the baseline for our client to do just that”.

Martin Prokosch, Head of ZeroLab

Prokosch added that ZeroLab will apply its analytics team to provide actionable insight based on actual voyage and fuel consumption data.

Klaveness Digital’s CEO Aleksander Stensby commented,

“This agreement marks an important milestone not just for us, but for the wider aluminium industry as one of its key players has an opportunity to emerge as a front-runner in taking ownership of optimizing Scope 3 emissions.”

Aleksander Stensby, Klaveness Digital’s CEO

Stensby added the project entails quantifying emissions for H1 2021 using the Sea Cargo Charter framework, combined with data from the tech outfit’s CargoValue platform – a solution that provides its customers with a digital twin of their seaborne supply chains.

Although shipping is the most energy efficient way to move goods and raw materials around the world, it still accounts for a large part of the world’s emissions of greenhouse gases; in the face of today’s major climate challenges, Klaveness continues to explore and develop initiatives to make low-and zero emission options available to its customers.

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