As it has already been announced, the ICSOBA 2022 conference will take place in Athens, Greece under the host sponsorship of Mytilineos from 11 to 13 October. The Radisson Blu Park Hotel located right in the centre of Athens was booked for the event. The hybrid format of the conference will allow you to participate whether you chose to travel to Athens or join the event online.

As in the past years a classical conference format is planned with speakers physically attending and presenting their papers to the audience. The program will have over 120 technical presentations and 10 high profile keynote speakers from leading global companies and institutions. The ICSOBA 2022 will focus on sustainable development and carbon footprint reduction in several domains. Three streams (two streams Bauxite & Alumina, one stream Carbon and Aluminium) will run in parallel. The papers will be indexed in platforms such as Google Scholar. The printed book of proceedings (TRAVAUX No. 51) will be sent for individual orders after the conference.

As an ICSOBA long lasting tradition, a field trip to MYTILINEOS Agios Nikolaos plant (Alumina Refinery and Aluminium Smelter) will take place on Friday 14 October.

Moreover, in its vision and commitment to cooperate with other conferences and better serve the aluminium industry, ICSOBA is also happy to join forces with the:

  • 4th International Bauxite Residue Valorisation and Best Practices Conference (BR2022).
  • Final RemovAL Cross-Fertilization Conference (on 10 October).

The organisers also plan a physical exhibition during the event at Radisson with a limited number of tables. The remaining details of the conference can be found at the ICSOBA website (

Participation of around 250-300 delegates is anticipated from across the globe. The registration process is now open. To register, please use the ConfTool which is customised for the ICSOBA 2022 Conference.

The organisers look forward to seeing you all in Athens and online for ICSOBA 2022.