Hydro has announced the investment of €45 million, which will go towards developing their Nenzing aluminium extrusion plant. Hydro claims that the investment will increase the plant’s capacity by 30% and create additional jobs.

The extrusion plant is highly focused on the sustainability of its function, and has demonstrated that the CO2 emissions produced by the plants extrusion process are only one-seventh the European average which positions the plant as a reference for climate-conscious customers.

The town, Nenzing has begun preparations for further growth in the coming years. The aluminium plant is responding to an increased demand in the region by adding a fourth extrusion line and expanding mechanical processing capabilities.

Managing Director Manfred Rotschne in Nenzing, commented n the investments by Hydro,

"Adding a fourth extrusion line to the plant will make us one of the most modern extrusion facilities in Europe and increase our capacity by 30%,"

Manfred Rotschne, Managing Director in Nenzing

As well as a focus on improving the primary machinery of extrusion, Hydro have also stated the development of a new and fully automated raw metal warehouse, office spaces and an apprentice training hub will also be integrated into the new building. The construction work will start in the beginning of 2022 and the new extrusion line will be operational during spring 2023.

"The high level of innovation in Nenzing and our demonstrated low carbon footprint, will allow us to serve new and existing customers with a broader portfolio of sustainable and innovative solutions,"

Manfred Rotschne, Managing Director in Nenzing

Concludes Rotschne.

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