Hydro is progressing towards normal business operations and continued on-time delivery of customer orders, five weeks after being subjected to an extensive cyber-attack.

Extruded Solutions, the largest business area in Hydro with more than 30,000 customers and operations in 40 countries, is now approaching normalised production levels, after enduring a severe impact from the cyber-attack on March 19th.

UK Operation
Hydro Extrusion UK Ltd operates across seven locations in the UK and Ireland, delivering tailored aluminium components and solutions to a broad range of industries, from automotive and mass transportation to building and construction, electronics, offshore and maritime.

The company is still working to neutralise the effects of the cyber-attack, which impaired the ability of its manufacturing sites to connect to their production systems, thereby causing production challenges and temporary stoppages at several plants. Hydro temporarily switched to manual operations and alternative procedures, to limit the impact on customers.

“There are still variations from plant to plant, but we are currently producing around 85 percent of our normal output with the help of workarounds and creative solutions,” said Egil Hogna, Executive Vice President responsible for Hydro Extruded Solutions.

“The most important thing for us now is to continue ramping up production in a safe and secure manner, gradually progressing towards business as usual as our IT systems are resuming normal operation. We are doing our utmost to minimise the impact on our customers, suppliers and other partners.”

Dale Harston, Plant Manager at the Tibshelf plant in Derbyshire UK, added: “I appreciate the patience and support that our business partners are showing us as we continue to fully recover from this attack.”