The solar park is expected to be in operation in Q3 2022 and will generate 7.5 GWh/year to power a new extrusion press, currently under construction.

The solar park will be built next to the extrusion plant and supply electricity directly to the plant. It will power the new 8-inch extrusion press which is currently being built. It will also produce enough electricity to cover parts of the remaining power consumption of the plant. The total investment amount for the solar park is EUR 5 million.

Image: A new solar park will supply Hydro's plant in Trzcianka, Poland with renewable power.

With increasing electricity prices in Europe, the investment will supply the plant with clean renewable power. The Polish electricity grid mix is dominated by coal, so the solar park will reduce the carbon footprint of the extrusion process on the new extrusion press from an average of 0.68 kilo* CO2 per kilo aluminium down to an estimated 0.14 kilo**.

“This investment is a big step for our Polish operations in supporting Hydro’s climate target of reducing direct greenhouse gas emissions by 30% by 2030. With the solar park in place, our customers get access to aluminium profiles which have been extruded with a minimal environmental impact,”

Mauro Spizzo, Vice President of the Eastern Europe region in Hydro Extrusions

*Source: European Aluminium Environmental Report 2018
**Includes emissions from electricity, gas, diesel and heating energy

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