Hycast AS, a fully owned subsidiary of Hydro, is entering into a €9.7 million contract with Alu Iberica to provide casthouse technology for two aluminium plants in northern Spain. The agreement includes design and supply of equipment for casting extrusion ingots based on recycled aluminium.

Hycast is a leading, global supplier of end-to-end aluminium casthouse technology. The company offers fully automated casting lines that minimise risks related to molten aluminium for operators.

Hycast’s technology will now be used at Alu Iberica’s aluminium plants in Aviles and A Coruña. The plants have previously relied on primary aluminium, but will now use recycled aluminium to make extrusion ingots.

“We are pleased to be part of and contribute to the transformation of these plants, and to accelerate our own growth in such a competitive international market,” says Ola Furu, Head of Project and Sales in Hycast.

He says the contract is likely to be welcome news for suppliers in Møre and Romsdal, Norway, where Hycast is located.

“More than half of the contract’s amount is to be spent on material and services, which opens up for new opportunities for our local and regional suppliers,” says Furu.