Hencon has launched a compact industrial vacuum cleaner, ‘EVY’ for service in the aluminium and mining industry. Hencon has committed to the constant progression of their technology to improve efficiency, safety, cost and sustainability of its products. Its tagline; ‘Fresh thinking, Smart cleaning’, is a summery of the inspiration that fuelled the design of their new machine.

The industrial machine provides a solution to keeping the Potroom, in plants, clean with dust-free performance. Resistant to the magnetic field and abrasive atmosphere, the machines have been adapted for operation in the potrooms and cast houses of primary aluminium smelters. The nozzle sealing flaps provide the sealing, even on bad uneven floors, which assures dust-free cleaning, unlike the conventional rotating brushes (which tend to create dust clouds).

EVY’s cleaning improves the workplace environment of all employees, providing a cleaner, healthier and more environmentally friendly workplace. With sustainability being a key factor in Hencon’s design, the dust collected by EVY is then separated ready for re-use.

The EVY is offered as a one-model Hencon stock unit and can be delivered in a short term.

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