Hazelett Strip-Casting Corporation of Colchester has announced that it has become a member of the EBNER Group through the acquisition by EBNER .

The EBNER Group consists of EBNER Industrieofenbau in Leonding, Austria, EBNER Furnaces in Wadsworth, USA, EBNER Industrial Furnaces in Taicang, China, Gautschi Engineering in Ranshofen, Austria, HPI in Ranshofen, Austria, GNA alutech in Montreal, Canada, and EED in Taicang, China. Together the companies offer a wide range of furnace facilities, upstream and downstream auxiliary equipment, project management and services to the aluminium, steel and copper base metals sectors.

Together with Mino, the EBNER Group will be able to offer complete process lines to the aluminium flat rolled products industry featuring Hazelett twin-belt continuous casting technology.

Hazelett technology is used in metal manufacturing processes worldwide to cast aluminium, copper, zinc, and lead into metal strip and bar used to create countless products. Hazelett has been a design and manufacturer of continuous casting machines for the global metal industries for over 100 years. Similarly, EBNER has been in the design and manufacturing industry of thermal processing furnaces for over 70 years. Both have been family-owned throughout their histories and this merger preserves that legacy.

David Hazelett, Shareholder and President of Hazelett commented:

“As family-owned businesses, Hazelett and EBNER have the freedom to take a longer view; one that encourages investment in research and development, building long-term relationships, and preserving our environment.”

David Hazelett, Shareholder and President of Hazelett

He continued:

“EBNER Industrieofenbau is a global company in heat treatment facilities for the semi-finished metal products industry. EBNER specialises in the research, development, fabrication, installation and commissioning of heat treatment facilities for the ferrous and non-ferrous industries using the most environmentally friendly and energyefficient technologies.

EBNER Group CEO, Robert Ebner commented: “From the first time I met David Hazelett it was clear to me that we share many of the same values. To invest in research and development, to always be one step ahead of your competition, to build the equipment in-house, to serve your customers first class world-wide and to have a dedicated team of experts around you who believe in the same values.”

Cesare Pettazzi, President of Mino S.p.A., Italian rolling mills specialist and minority shareholder in Hazelett Strip-Casting Corporation, added his comment on the acquisition: “Mino’s first cooperation with Hazelett Strip-Casting Corporation dates back to 1997 and ever since the two companies have completed several successful projects around the globe in
the field of combined casting and rolling lines for both aluminium and copper strip. The acquisition by EBNERof a majority interest in Hazelett Strip-Casting Corporation will strengthen and complete our offerings by making possible, through the combination of the respective technologies, to cover complete projects from melting to casting and rolling. Mino is proud of being a shareholder in Hazelett Strip-Casting Corporation and looks forward to cooperating with EBNER and continuing this success story.”

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