The Aluminium Association of Canada (AAC) welcomes the joint announcement by Canada and the United States to green their government operations.

“The creation of a first forum on green purchasing as part of government activities is a significant first step to which the aluminium industry intends to contribute,” said Jean Simard, President and Chief Executive Officer.

The industry has invested considerably in recent years to advance the recognition of eco-responsible purchasing by the governments of Quebec, British Columbia and Canada. The work carried out with partners such as the SWITCH Alliance, BC Clean and researchers from the University of Sherbrooke has clearly demonstrated that it is possible to implement such a procurement approach, while respecting international trade rules. In addition, unions, workers and businesses are unanimous on the benefit of such an approach for the economy in general and for Canadian workers who responsibly produce low-carbon products from our critical resources and materials, such as aluminium.

"The aluminium industry has already rigorously developed for years the benchmarks used worldwide to determine its carbon footprint and thus facilitate the adoption of the material from a responsible or ecological purchasing perspective. We are certainly ready to collaborate on this initiative at national and international levels as expressed in the joint release ‘in terms of information sharing, technical exchanges, working groups, data stewardship, strategic partnerships, workshops and communications”, adds Mr. Simard.

Public procurement practices should leverage every dollar towards a more sustainable economy, enabling the use and implementation of innovative solutions using low carbon materials such as aluminium like never before. This will help achieve national targets for reducing CO2 emissions and materialise the true value of national production and jobs. This can be done while meeting international trade commitments, through the use of environmentally focused performance and rating standards, based on Life Cycle Assessment and Total Cost of Ownership.