The investment company, Globitas has announced it has successfully completed the acquisition of the company HEGO. The acquisition by Globitas gives a strong boost to HEGO's growth ambitions. With this new shareholder, the company is entering a new phase with a focus on innovation, digitization and new business models.

Since 1977, HEGO has been active as an international wholesaler and service center in the trade and processing of stainless steel and aluminum. HEGO has a wide range of stainless steel and aluminum sheets and coils in various sizes and alloys, which are available directly from stock.

Commercial Director, André van der Veen commented on this acquisition,

“With Globitas as the new shareholder of our company, we are very optimistic about the future. With the extra knowledge and expertise that Globitas brings, we can realize the course already set in order to achieve our ambitious goals even faster. In the coming years we will grow to become one of the most important players in stainless steel and aluminium, in The Netherlands and far beyond. On behalf of all employees of HEGO, I would like to thank Wim and Fabien Gort for their unbridled commitment and support over the years. Without them, HEGO could never have become who we are today.”

Commercial Director, André van der Veen

Globitas is an investor aiming to help companies grow through entrepreneurship, a broad network of operational experts and creativity. Experiences from other markets are often applied to sectors that are more traditional and where there is room for innovation.

Arthur Clement, partner of Globitas said,

“We are very pleased with the successful completion of this transaction, where we have been assisted by Biesheuvel Jansen Advocaten. The acquisition of HEGO fits perfectly into our strategy of adding value with a lot of entrepreneurial spirit. We see many opportunities to help HEGO with this transition together with the management. We would like to thank the Gort family for trusting Globitas to lead HEGO to the next phase.”

Arthur Clement, partner of Globitas

Wim and Fabien Gort, the founders of HEGO BV, added,

“We believe that Globitas has the resources, knowledge and experience to help HEGO move forward in this new phase. We did not act overnight and we have set tough conditions. Globitas complied with them. We handed over HEGO to Globitas with confidence and wish them every success with this purchase. We thank the firm Of Course and the law firm MA Law for their guidance in this process”.

Wim and Fabien Gort, the founders of HEGO BV

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