Gillespie & Powers Inc. has announced it has entered into an agreement with Ellwood Aluminum for the additional supply of their second 200,000 Lb. Batch Homogenizing Furnace for their continued Phase 2 expansion in Hubbard OH. This equipment will be operational in July 2022.

Gillespie & Powers Inc. has stated they are ‘honored to have been selected for this project.’

Earlier this year Ellwood selected Gillespie & Powers Inc. to build their Third Homogenizing Oven. Gillespie & Powers Inc. previously supplied a Tilting Melter, Tilting Holder and SOW Drying Oven during their initial plant construction and is excited to be partnering with Ellwood Aluminum in their continued development of their business.

Gillespie & Powers Inc. is a 5th Generation family-owned design, build, and supplier of specialised furnaces supporting the metals processing industry.

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