GHI starts-up a 30 ton tilting rotary furnace for aluminium recycling in the new facility of Latem Aluminium in Villadangos, Spain.

The new 30-ton Tilting Rotary Furnace will replace the existing one of 12 tons, to produce 30,000 tons per year of secondary aluminium.

The furnace recovers the aluminium from low quality scrap and produces a waste of contaminants significantly lower than the traditional models, in addition its geometry facilitates the emptying and cleaning of the dross.

Latem Aluminium will reach an annual production of 45,000 tons in 2022.

Initially, Latem will produce ingots destined to various sectors such as automotive and other industrial processes. However, once the aluminium lamination plant that Latem is currently building in Zamora, Spain, enters into service, it is intended that a portion of the raw material used in the lamination process is supplied by Villadangos plant.