The $450 million annual turnover company will be boosting its re-melt and casting facilities in parallel with Alba's potline 6 expansion.

"Plans are finalised, feasibility studies have been completed and all necessary permits are in place.

"A new casting facility will add 120,000 metric tonnes of casting capacity and forms an integral part of Garmco's 3-5 years strategic plan," said Graham Bruce, chief executive.

The mill's current capacity is 165,000 metric tonnes annually. Garmco meets a third of its raw material requirements through the re-melt of scrap materials, which will also be expanded.

"The expansion will create up to 60 jobs for Bahrainis."

 Alba is a fundamental part of Garmco's supply chain and supplies the bulk of its raw material needs.

"In fact, we would like to purchase more, which is why we look forward eagerly to the potline 6 expansion and Alba being able to cover more of our needs than at present."

Mr Bruce is confident that the company will be able to leverage its more than "30 years of aluminium rolling experience and an excellent reputation for quality" to remain one of the largest downstream aluminium facilities in the Gulf region for rolling, cutting and fabricating aluminium, even as new mills are set up in the region.

"Fortunately, these new entrants will target different markets and different product ranges. Garmco mainly specialises in producing high quality rolled aluminium products with various sizes and alloys including circles, sheets and coils," he added.