Al Kennedy's esteemed Extrusion Press Maintenance Manual is now available to view online in full.

This Manual began as a project of the Aluminum Extruders Council Tech Services Committee. The idea was to provide a reference and training tool for newcomers to the extrusion industry --- especially anyone working with older presses where the original manuals have been lost and the original maintenance people aren’t around any more.

Since the 1st Edition in 1996, the available information about extrusion equipment has grown substantially, so much so that we decided to redefine the Manual as “the essential reference for extrusion plant managers.” The goal is to bring together in one place all of the useful information we can find about extrusion equipment, to make it the first place that maintenance personnel, plant engineers, managers, trainees --- everyone in the industry --- can turn to for answers and instruction. We’ve touched on repairs, preventive maintenance, installation, modernisation --- anything useful we could find about the subject.