Novelis Brazil has selected Danieli Centro Combustion for the supply of a new pit furnace to heat ingots, to be installed at the Pindamonhangaba plant, Brazil.

The aim of the new facility is to heat the aluminium ingots more than 20% faster than the existing facilities.

The furnace will load 2 rows of 8 ingots each for a total of 16 ingots (alloys 1xxx, 3xxx, 5xxx and 8xxx series), and maximum furnace capacity will be 310 tons.

The new facility will be equipped with 12 self-recuperative burners and 4 recirculation fans. The Danieli design will enable Novelis to achieve: low fuel consumption, optimum heating rates, high temperature precision during soaking for the best final quality, high plant flexibility, more safety and lower emissions.

Danieli Centro Combustion will engineer the furnace supplying all mechanical, electrical and automation equipment. Technical assistance during erection and commissioning will complete the scope of the work