European Aluminium welcomes ESTAL, the European association of Surface Treatment on Aluminium, as a member.

To increase benefits to its membership, ESTAL decided to join forces with European Aluminium as of 1st January 2016. Both associations work with the same metal – Aluminium – and are active on the building and the transport markets.

European Aluminium and ESTAL together will better represent the value chain, bring more visibility to the aluminium sectors as a whole, and promote the unique strength of aluminium for sustainable and recyclable buildings and vehicles. Together the two organisations will be better positioned to promote aluminium and aluminium surface treatment, and consequently help increase the market share of the members of both associations.

Ivo Vermeeren, President of ESTAL, said: ”ESTAL and European Aluminium have long been active in similar markets. Now that we have joined forces we can pool our expertise and experience and deliver an even better service to our members. I am confident that our collaboration will bring nothing but benefits to both organisations.”