En+ Group has published its 2020 Sustainability Report, which details the companies progression over 12 months from December 2020 -2021.

The report entails the progress of ongoing initiative; programme and sets out the short and long term sustainable orientated targets and ambitions of the company.

In addition to the company reaffirming their ongoing commitment towards bettering their Environmental, Sustainable and Governance (ESG) performance, the report outlines two key developments and intentions. Announced in early 2021, the EN+ group claims to have developed the world’s lowest carbon aluminium from inert anode technologies; and stated the company’s ambition to achieve net zero emissions by 2050.

The report went on to highlight the events of 2020, to name a few:

- A social investment of USD71m in 2020 which assisted communities during the pandemic; including the delivery of vital food and supplies to 16,000 elderly and retired employees, the development of a 60-bed COVID-19 hospital in Guinea, and the construction of 7 COVID-19 centers for communities in Russia; 

- The ongoing progress of the New Energy Programme which was launched in 2007, set to deliver a wide scale modernisation of the companies hydropower plants in Siberi. The progamme is expected to increase the present generation of renewable energy of 2bn kWh by 2022; 

- An establishment of eight new ESG policies, underlining EN+ Group’s commitment to the highest standards in corporate governance; 

For more on the report, view online (link below).

Lord Barker, Executive Chairman of En+ Group, said:

“I am proud of the clear and wide ranging ESG progress that we made in 2020, especially given the extraordinarily challenging operating conditions created by the pandemic…”

Lord Barker, Executive Chairman of En+ Group

He continued to elaborate,

“[With] the two most significant announcements we have ever made in relation to our sustainability performance: our industry-leading targets for greenhouse gas emissions reduction, with a clear ambition of achieving net zero emissions by 2050; and the success of our new-generation inert anode electrolysers allowing us to produce the lowest carbon aluminium ever created… We are determined to continue to lead our sector to a greener, and ultimately net zero, future.”

Lord Barker, Executive Chairman of En+ Group

Vladimir Kiriukhin, CEO of En+ Group, added,

“Much has been written about the impact of the pandemic on families, communities and businesses around the world. Our 2020 Sustainability Report details En+ Group’s response to the challenges we faced… Most notable was the commitment shown by workers at our hydropower plants and smelters, many of whom volunteered to isolate themselves from their families and friends, often for weeks at a time, to maintain the steady supply of renewable energy that homes and businesses across Siberia rely upon. Their selflessness at such a critical time was essential for millions of people”.

Vladimir Kiriukhin, CEO of En+ Group

The EN+ Group report prepared the report in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative Sustainability Reporting Standards. It aims to provide transparency around the Group’s 2020 achievements and highlights areas for improvement.

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