En+ Group has announced it has become a certified Participant with I-REC Services B.V. The two companies have signed an agreement, allowing the En+ Group to sell international renewable energy certificates (I-RECs) and redeem them on the client’s or its own behalf, providing a full-cycle I-REC service.

Producers, such as the en+ group, issue I-RECs to certify their generated energy is in full compliance with ‘green’ standards similar to the GHGP, CDP and RE100. Purchasers of I-RECs can ‘cancel’ them to adhere to these standards, fulfil their ESG programmes, and reduce their scope 2 indirect emissions of greenhouse gas associated with the production of electricity. Existing alternatives to I-RECs are Guarantees of Origin (GOs) in Europe and Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) in the US.

Anton Butmanov, EN+ Group’s Director for Sustainable Development, commented:

“We believe that renewable energy certificates and their associated trade stimulates the development of modern, eco-friendly technologies, as well as increasing transparency in the energy industry as a whole. As a Participant, we can now provide a full range of services with I-RECs. This is much more convenient for our clients who no longer need to apply with the I-REC registry, pay commissions or handle any additional paperwork.”

Anton Butmanov, EN+ Group’s Director for Sustainable Development

En+ Group started working with I-REC certificates in December 2020 as a Registrant, allowing the Company to take part in issuing I-RECs.

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