Walid Al Attar, Chief Commercial Officer of Emirates Global Aluminium, has been named ‘World’s Top Aluminium Executive 2020-2021’ at an annual global industry summit in Chicago. The award, presented at the Harbor Aluminium Summit each year, recognises outstanding long-term contributions to the global aluminium industry.

Mr. Al Attar played a key role in EGA’s drive to maximise the value of its production by focusing on ‘premium aluminium’, made to customer specifications. Joining Dubai Aluminium in 1984 as a trainee, Mr Al Attar began work as a transport administrator in the shipping department. He joined Dubai Aluminium’s Marketing & Sales team in 1994, playing a leading role in the initial transition from selling commodity metal to traders to building direct relationships with customers making products using aluminium. He became General Manager of Marketing & Sales in 2005.

When Dubai Aluminium merged with Emirates Aluminium in 2014 to form EGA, Mr. Al Attar was appointed Chief Marketing Officer. In 2020, Mr. Al Attar was promoted to the new position of Chief Commercial Officer, responsible for both marketing & sales and supply chain. He also serves as President of EGA America Inc., the distributor of the company’s metal in North America.

Mr. Al Attar commented:

“This is an award for the whole of EGA, and recognises the contributions of everyone in driving our growth to become the biggest ‘premium aluminium’ producer in the world. Although we have achieved a great deal over the decades to build EGA into a national industrial champion and leader in its sector, we have bold aspirations for the future – including to further deepen our relationships with our customers, and to grow our economic contribution in the UAE.”

Walid Al Attar, Chief Commercial Officer of Emirates Global Aluminium

Jorge Vasquez, Founder and Managing Director of Harbor Aluminum, added:

“Walid Al Attar is well-respected in the global aluminium industry, both for his pivotal role in the growth of EGA, and for helping make the company the industry's standard for successful marketing & sales and customer relationships. I was honoured to present this award to Walid, on behalf of his industry peers.”

Jorge Vasquez, Founder and Managing Director of Harbor Aluminum

The Harbor Aluminum Summit is currently in its 13th edition. Over 360 global companies typically attend it.

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