EGA makes Earth Hour a weekly event, saving 24,395 kWh in three months.

Emirates Global Aluminium (EGA) has disclosed that it began practicing Earth Hour on a weekly basis in November 2016.

In three months, the company has saved 24,395 kilowatt hours of electricity and reduced its CO2 emissions by 10,297 kilograms.

Emirates Global Aluminium is the largest industrial company in the United Arab Emirates outside oil and gas. Aluminium smelting is energy intensive, making saving power a key focus for EGA.

The company has participated in the annual Earth Hour since 2008, and made Earth Hour a monthly event in 2015.

Now for one hour a week, EGA turns off non-essential electrical devices to save energy and cut carbon emissions. The company was inspired by the global Earth Hour, an initiative of the World Wildlife Fund with one ask: turn off all electrical devices and lights for one hour per year. The annual campaign has raised awareness of climate change around the world.

Abdulla Kalban, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of EGA said: “EGA has participated in Earth Hour annually since 2008, but recently we took our Earth Hour to a new level. At first we switched off all non-essential devices for just one hour per month, but we quickly realised that we could make this a weekly event and maintain operational performance.”

The expansion of Earth Hour has reduced EGA’s carbon footprint and refocused staff to save energy throughout the business.