This job has been a challenge from many points of view, given the high quality standards requested by the customer and the demanding performances required from the machine.

This 80MN stretcher is used to process medium-thickness plates with high surface quality and high performance requirements, for alloys ranging from series 1xxx to 7xxx for aerospace to marine, defence and commercial transportation applications.

The rolling line is fully controlled and operated by the automation system supplied by Danieli Automation.

The project got the attention of the Austrian media for the impressive transport of large-dimension component parts from Danieli HQ to the AMAG plant. Due to the weight and size of some loads (more than 200 t), it was not possible to transport them through the Alps due to the weight limitations of bridges and overhead roads. Therefore, these components were transported by ship from Italy to Linz via Rotterdam, and finally delivered to the AMAG site by trucks, right on schedule. All the obstacles that came up during installation were quickly and effectively overcome by the Danieli team, and the first plate was stretched in June 2014, ahead of the target contractual milestone.

The performance test period was characterised by the satisfactory achievement of all the contractual performance figures, some of them even over and above contractual requirements. During this project, Danieli also received the approval of TüV Austria, which represents one of the most important institutes for the certification of machine compliance with European Machine Directives and Regulations.

AMAG signed the Final Acceptance Certificate on June 15, 2015, also issuing a letter of congratulations to Danieli expressing its satisfaction with the whole project.