CRU has announced the appointment of Larry Lorden as Chief Information Officer. Larry, who is based in the United Kingdom, will apply his extensive experience globally to strengthen CRU’s leadership team and support its customers to access the company’s unique, robust data to inform future-proofed business decision making.

His appointment comes at a critical time as across the board, companies are realising the urgent need to reduce their carbon emissions and tackle ever-emerging complex challenges across the global supply chain. This recognition crosses every industry, and CRU’s clients will need to access the best data and to help them improve sustainability, reduce risk, and meet respective targets. Larry will play a vital role in ensuring CRU continues to deliver research and analysis to customers to achieve this.

Larry has a wealth of experience leading technology teams in companies ranging from start-ups to FTSE 100/Fortune 50 organisations. Prior to joining CRU, he held positions including Chief Technology Officer at Carphone warehouse, VP of engineering at a major US Cloud service provider, and senior Director at Best Buy.

As CRU’s customers’ needs and expectations evolve, under Larry’s guidance his team will ensure CRU’s products always offer the best connectivity and most flexible ways to access the data they need.

David Trafford, Chief Executive Officer, CRU, comments:

“Larry’s demonstrated ability of grasping the key attributes of new technologies and assessing their usefulness in delivering business benefits is going to be instrumental in further driving CRU’s growth. I’m delighted to welcome him to CRU on behalf of the company where he’ll be a major part of delivering our mission to be the industry’s premier data and market intelligence partner.”

Larry Lorden, Chief Information Officer, CRU, comments:

“Given CRU’s rapid business growth over the past few years, I'm really looking forward to using my experience to complement and drive forward the obvious talent and ambition in the team. Data is an integral part of tackling any business challenge, and I look forward to ensuring we provide CRU’s customers with the very best tools and insights.”