Constellium have announced that it has entered into a multi-year contract with Daher to supply a wide range of flat-rolled aluminium products, particularly for the TBM and Kodiak aircraft. With this new agreement, Constellium expands its customer portfolio for business and regional jets and becomes the strategic aluminium supplier for Daher.

Under this new contract, Constellium and Daher will cooperate on joint supply chain initiatives and product development. Constellium will support TBM and Kodiak aircraft development as their production rate is increasing and will collaborate with Daher on the design of new solutions to further lightweight aircraft along with respective sustainability commitments.

“We are very proud and enthusiastic to become the strategic aluminium supplier of Daher; this contract is the basis of future developments between our teams,” explains Lionel Thomas, Global Aerospace Sales Director of Constellium’s Aerospace and Transportation business unit.

“Choosing Constellium as our strategic aluminium supplier for the needs of our own aircraft and aerostructures programs is a major step for us, and will build foundations for further partnership to develop sustainable and optimised aircraft and solutions,” said Paul-Marie Dubreuil, VP Procurement, Daher.

Daher is supplied by Constellium’s facility in Issoire (France).