The Fortuna Project, which is 100% owned by BRL, has recently completed a scoping study and is undertaking follow-up studies in relation to obtaining port access required for direct shipment of bauxite. The Felicitas Project is being developed by BAJV, in which BRL is a partner, and is currently in feasibility stage. The Felicitas Project has a resource of approximately 230 million tonnes of bauxite and the Fortuna Project has a resource of 40 million tonnes of bauxite. Both projects offer significant benefits for the local community including local employment, opportunities for local businesses and suppliers.

The purpose of the Bauxite Mining Community Advisory Group is to facilitate formal community discussions, ensure a broad range of viewpoints are heard and enable community representatives to contribute to the Felicitas and Fortuna projects.

The group held its first meeting on Tuesday (May 12th) and will conduct its first “working meeting” in June. Information on BMCAG is available at: