“While the EU Commission recently adopted a Circular economy package, featuring new recycling definitions, calculation methods and targets, EAA’s annual packaging seminar - gathering today in Helsinki - puts the focus on best practices across Europe to optimise recycling processes and technologies. Our new brochure launched on this occasion gives a concrete overview of the aluminium industry’s vision for more sustainable packaging in Europe. As a sector, aluminium already achieves almost 60% recycling for all aluminium packaging and even 68% for beverage cans. Moreover, our ambition is to increase these figures, particularly in view of the ambitious recycling targets recently proposed by the European authorities,” said Laurent Musy, chair of EAA’s Packaging group.

“However, we are also counting on our partners in the waste management chain to address the need for better collection and sorting of the highly valuable aluminium fraction. Producer Responsibility Systems must be improved, with Member States given the necessary time and resources to invest in their existing waste recovery infrastructure,” concluded Musy.

The aluminium industry is a leading sector in recycling and resource efficiency. In addition to being endlessly recyclable without any loss of quality, the production of aluminium from recycled scrap also saves 95% energy when compared with primary production.

Download EAA’s packaging brochure here.