In an online press conference, Combilift announced the release of their new Combi-MR4, a 4-wheel electric powered multidirectional reach-truck, which incorporates Combilift’s new Dynamic 360° ™ steering.

The Combi-MR4 Dynamic 360° features a new and innovative 360° dynamic steering system, only featured on their four wheeled vehicle collection. The multidirectional reach-truck incorporates the new Dynamic 360° ™ steering, which provides rotation on each wheel and enables seamless directional change of the truck while on the move. The system allows this extremely agile forklift to work in forward, sideward and crab steer mode, guaranteeing swift operation and excellent manoeuvrability.

The motivation for the development of this latest addition to Combilift’s portfolio was to develop a multi-directional truck, with a very low platform to maximise storage density within racking. The Combi-MR4 is available in two unique models, with capacity ranges of 2,500Kg - 3,000kg and 3,500Kg - 4,500kg respectively, and can operate in aisles as narrow as 2265mm when guided (based on 1200mm deep material). To maximise all storage space in racking systems the wheel configuration of two drive wheels at the rear and two sets of smaller dual front wheels provides a platform height as low as 380mm, allowing otherwise redundant areas towards the floor to be used.

Combilift CEO Martin McVicar: “TABS are delighted with the ongoing successful implementation of their Combi-MR4s and the improved levels of efficiency thanks to the overall design and features such as low platform height as well as the advanced Dynamic 360° ™ steering system. I have no doubt that this new additional electric model will grow Combilift’s customer base. We are looking forward to showcasing the Combi-MR4 to our existing dealers, and potential new customers during the LogiMAT Intralogistics exhibition in Stuttgart at the end of May”.

The conference also summarised the achievements made by Combilift in 2021.

The company reached its 60,000th unit to be sold mid last year and ended 2021 with over 65,000 sold units world wide; 7,740 sold units in 2021.

With sustainability also being a key core value for the company, they also announced that over 60% of the Combilift trucks are now electric powered, and that they expect to see this number increase into the future.

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