This is the motto at WEFA in Singen.

By continually finding innovative solutions in addition to its globally patented coating process, customers reap benefits by using the CVD coated extrusion dies.

WEFA offers its customers CED-Coated Extrusion Dies. The surface of these dies is treated using a globally patented CVD process – a chemical gas coating technology.

The price for producing coated dies in this manner is higher than with comparable nitriding tools, but is a very worthwhile investment. It provides a long list of advantages that lead to a substantial reduction in total production costs.

CED-Coated Extrusion Dies – highly productive, durable and nearly maintenance-free.

Longer die life, optimised profile surfaces, faster extrusion speeds – and all of that with a minimum of die correction.

WEFA’s CED-dies rev up the productivity in extrusion factories. The basis for this is the long service life: The bearing channel, protected from wear and tear, guarantees a consistently high form and dimensional stability. In addition, the dies are nearly maintenance-free, due to the fact that no nitriding or repolishing is required. Thus the extrusion process can be carried out with far fewer interruptions.

Without the need for (through) nitriding, the CED-Dies make even the finest mandrels and thinnest of tongues possible. And finally, it is possible to work at higher press speeds because of minimal friction and reduced exit temperatures. Thanks to these qualities, the speed and productivity of the extrusion factory can be increased substantially.

WEFA sets new global standards in the area of coated extrusion dies. This requires not only enormous know-how but also technical creativity. For this reason, our internal development department works in cooperation with renowned technical universities and thus constantly strives to increase the technical knowledge of its staff.

This combination of decades-long experience and innovating thinking makes WEFA the ideal consulting and project partner. From the initial idea to the finished product. Whatever the situation calls for, the specialists in Singen will find a solution – one that not only makes sense technically but also economically.

To round all of this off, WEFA also provides comprehensive service all the way to the test extrusion (0-die trial).