Primary output in June 2013 was 1.84Mt, pointing to an annual rate of 22.4Mt

China’s net imports of primary aluminium reached 45.5kt during the H1 2013 period, down by a staggering 81% from 236kt for the same period last year.

Aluminium semis production was up by 24.58% to 18.2Mt compared with full-year 2012 growth of 14.60%. Net aluminium semis exports from China totalled 1.25Mt, up almost 8% year-on-year and reversing a downward trend reported last year.

Demand for aluminium from the construction sector experienced stable growth as nationwide real estate growth rose by just over 20% for H1 2013, up 4.1 percentage points on the whole of 2012.

Auto production for the period was up 12.83% and China’s demand for the miracle metal should grow by 12% for 2013 overall.