The CANPACK Group is increasing the share of renewable sources of electricity used in its operations.

In 2019, 70 percent of electricity in plants located in Brzesko, Bydgoszcz, Dębica, Tarnów, and Orzesze came from renewable energy sources. The current agreement with the electricity supplier stipulates that in 2020 all electricity used in the above-mentioned plants will have guarantees of origin from renewable sources. A similar contract was signed for the production plant in Scunthorpe (England). At the same time, more and more plants of the Group are becoming equipped with photovoltaic solutions which are installed, among others, on factory roofs.

"Sustainable development is key for the CANPACK Group. We take responsibility for our impact on the environment. To minimise it, we are constantly improving our systems and production processes," said Roberto Villaquirán, CEO of the CANPACK Group. "We have recently implemented a new sustainable development policy in the company, based on three pillars: CARE, SUSTAIN, RECYCLE. One of its important elements is to limit our impact on climate change by, among other things, seeking to improve the efficiency of consumption of raw materials and energy or using renewable energy sources."