The CANPACK Group, a global packaging manufacturer with its headquarters in Krakow, reinforces its commitment to the global fight against Covid-19.

The Group has contributed both material and financial assistance for local authorities and public institutions across the world in their efforts to limit the impact of the coronavirus pandemic with primary focus on public health and medical care.

“As a global company with a strong sense of responsibility CANPACK has always supported local communities in which it operates. In this state of pandemic, the questions of health protection and support for medical professionals are particularly important. We have mobilised strongly and engaged in a series of initiatives being undertaken across the Group to address the needs of local authorities and communities. Thanks to the competence and commitment of our employees, as well as our technology and expertise, we have been able to provide support where it is most needed,” highlights Małgorzata Podrecka, Vice-President of the CANPACK Group. “We are particularly proud of the engagement of our employees who have initiated and volunteered eagerly in projects to combat COVID-19. Our R&D department used the 3D printing technology to make face shields which were delivered to local hospitals. This project has been funded by the CANPACK Foundation as part of the employee volunteer program "Time to volunteer,” Małgorzata Podrecka adds.

The scope of support in each CANPACK location varies depending on the individual needs of each local community. Here are some ways we have supported efforts to assist those fighting the pandemic.

In Poland and India, the company has provided funding for the purchaser of personal protective equipment including face masks, safety goggles, antibacterial liquid soap, hand sanitising gels and surface sprays, PPE kits and ventilators, as well as medical devices for hospitals and ambulance stations. In our locations in Russia, CANPACK has produced antibacterial and anti-virus liquids using its own laboratories and resources, while in Brazil it has donated food baskets to the Association of Garbage Collectors, public hospital, associations supporting disabled children and an orphanage taking care of abused children. CANPACK Morocco has acquired and then donated materials needed by the medical community, and CANPACK Romania has provided support to the Foreign Investors Council working continuously with its members to carry out the donation campaigns to be used for anti-COVID 19 initiatives.

In addition to the donation and delivery of thousands of key pieces of personal protection and medical equipment CANPACK together with Find Help Foundation has also implemented a helpline for people experiencing stress due to COVID-19 in Poland and two CSR Emergency Response Preparedness programs against COVID-19 in Aurangabad and Nuh in India.