According to Alouette, low energy consumption and improving energy efficiency is a top priority for growth and sustainability.

The company claims to have succeeded in reducing fluoride emissions despite having modified its anode replacement time cycle, boosted amperage and restarted 12 inoperable pots. Total fluoride emissions in the electrolytic process were 0.31kg/t Al, 10% lower than in 2010 and greenhouse gas emissions were 1.78t CO2 eq./t Al, the lowest emission figure in the company's history.

The report highlights Alouette's new production record – 582kt in 2011.

Quoting the report, "While our increased production was partially due to the availability of additional energy, our energy saving performance and the resulting operational excellence stemmed from consistent and outstanding teamwork. We eclipsed both our quantitative and qualitative objectives for metal produced.'

The company claims that it successfully activated high-amperage energy-efficient pots and that 2011 and has focused its efforts on developing high density, low resistance and low reactivity carbon anodes that use less energy and carbon and cost less to operate.

Alouette recorded a 7.3% drop in greenhouse gas emissions and 10% less fluoride emissions.