These strips are used in the printing plate market (CtP/Computer-to-Plate). Customers of Bridgnorth Aluminium electrically and chemically treat the coil before cutting it into printing plates. An image is written on the plate through violet or thermal technology by the printer. This image is then transferred to the printed media on the printing press. For this reason the surface of the strip has to be of highest quality.

BWG Pure-Stretch-Levelflex Technology is known for highest surface flatness results and has become a premium standard in the industry. The BWG Pure-Stretch-Levelflex Line for lithographic strips will incorporate patented multizone pure-stretch levelling with a contour-variable roll and a high-precision side trimmer with direct gap measurement and flying width change capability. The production capacity will be approximately 76,000 tons per year. The line will process aluminium alloy strips in a gauge range of 0.12 – 0.48 mm at a maximum width of 1700 mm. The line is designed up to speeds of 500 m/minute.