BWG thermal processing lines, i.e. continuous annealing lines for the automotive and aerospace applications, strip levelling systems with Levelflex® technology, lithographic strip processing lines and high performance coil coating lines are now to be found all over the world, particularly in Europe, North America and China. Equipment for the aluminium industry represents about one half of the business volume of this medium-sized company with around 150 employees. In addition to supplying complete strip processing lines, BWG has also specialised in supplying single machines such as side trimmers or roll coaters, as well as the modernisation of existing lines or plants. BWG attribute their success to their deep understanding of the processes and technology involved, and their ability to gain the trust of discerning customers by providing them with tailored solutions.

As Dr. Andreas Noé, BWG's managing director, explains: "Due to the process models and systematic problem analyses that we have developed, we have acquired a deep understanding of what is happening inside the material. That means we can always devise a solution for our customers that meets their specific requirements. It creates the necessary security and transparency of risks, both for us and the customer, when to accomplish a task involves having to go one step beyond what has previously been achieved."

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