Rexam and Budvar worked together to create a unique design that encapsulates Budvar’s history and communicates the premium nature of the beer. Using value added matt over-varnish and careful colour matching, the stand out design celebrates the anniversary and brand traditions with a visual depiction of a 19th century barmaid.

Marek Honetschläger, Budweiser Budvar Innovation manager, says, “We wanted to bring our unique can design to life in a way that would engage our valued consumers and enable us to celebrate this exciting milestone with them. As a trusted supplier, with vast experience in the industry, we knew Rexam could be relied upon to deliver. Offering an array of colours and value-added finishes, we collaborated to develop a limited edition can that we are truly proud of.”

Felix Schmoll, Sales Manager for Rexam, adds, “We were thrilled to partner with Budweiser Budvar to create a stand out can to mark this special occasion. We brought to life the traditions of the brand through a modern-day design using our value added finishes.”

The 50cl standard cans, produced out of Rexam’s Austrian Enzesfeld plant, are available throughout the summer in various European countries, including: Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia and Russia and will be supported by in-store POS.