The Bahraini smelter says that it's Q1 2013 figures were up 2.2% compared to Q1 2012, adding that production jumped 3% to 227kt compared to 220kt for the same period last year and that total 2012 production was 890kt, a jump of 8.9kt from 881kt.

Alba, which claims to be the world's fourth largest smelter, produces high grade aluminium products including T-ingots, extrusion billets, rolling slab, properzi ingots and molten aluminium. Purity standards, claims the company, are 99.9%.

Alba plans to build a new sixth production line that will add 400kt of annual capacity in early 2015.

CEO Tim Murray said he was pleased with the figures, which exceeded the company's own expectations, thanks to a focused marketing strategy and 'a sustained focus on enhancing productivity'.