It plans to take part in aluminium extrusion operations and will build a dedicated casthouse at the Sumgait Technologies Park (STP), Azerbaijan.

Azenco has chosen Wagstaff to supply the greensite casthouse with a complete billet casting line to cast AirSlip billets for in?house extrusion and export.

The contract includes a ShurCast Casting Machine, AirSlip Billet Casting Station, and AutoCast Automated Casting Control System.

AirSlip billet technology produces smooth surfaces and advanced metallurgical properties in a cast product, resulting in downstream benefits to the extruder.

These include a reduced surface segregation zone, which can result in reduced scrap prior to indirect extrusion, reduced extrusion heel prior to direct extrusion and faster extrusion speeds.

The Azenco casthouse will become the first premium billet caster using Wagstaff casting equipment in the country upon installation in early 2013.

Azenco is the largest energy construction, design, and engineering company in the Caucasus with a net worth of about $500M.