AZ China Ltd. has announced it will be holding their next conference virtually from 16th to 18th of November 2021. This year the conference brings industry leaders and many sought-after speakers from China and the world to discuss the future of the industry globally.

AZ China, a consultancy firm in China on the Aluminium industry, hosts one of the industries highest rated aluminium conferences worldwide. The conference attracts people from all over the world.

The topics are focused on the long-term outlook for aluminium in a world, as well as a worldwide focus on climate change, greener aluminum and recovering from COVID-19. AZ China will focus less on the short-term “noise” and look closer at the bigger picture and the role that the international aluminium industry plays in it.

The virtual platform will offer delegates a real-life conference experience with bite-size chunks of content over 3 days period with live presentations, interactive panel discussions and Q&A sessions for up to 24 hours.

Delegates will be able to meet, chat, and network with like-minded people over the latest and most controversial topics and discuss the future of our industry with people from all over the world.

AZ China is excited about what they have in store for conference delegates in 2021. They have unlocked benefits that virtual conferences did not even imagine even 6 months ago.

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