The hot coils, delivered to the inspection line by rail-bound coil transport cars, are inspected there and then taken to the high-bay storage system.

Integrated into the transport line is a strapping machine, which binds the coils at their circumference to ensure safety during transport and storage.

The heart of the coil logistics system is the two-aisle high-bay store, which can 1972 aluminum coils weighing up to 21.5t and with a maximum temperature of 450°C on eleven storage levels.

Three stacker cranes are provided for handling in the storage aisles. The high-bay store is designed to enable the storage and retrieval of an average of 57 coils (maximum 76 coils) an hour.

The temperature inside the storage facility is regulated by a ventilation cooling system that enables hot coils to be rapidly cooled to the required temperature before further processing in the cold rolling mills.

Linkage of the high-bay storage facility to the cold rolling com­plex is achieved by rail-bound coil transport cars and two bay cranes. Material can be taken from the storage facility to the next pro­duction stage or temporarily stored in the storage facility with the aid of the transport systems.

Following a successful start-up, the fully automated logistics system was handed over to the customer in June 2011.