Path to Launch: elementAl pilot phase forges ahead

Testing and trials are proceeding with active member participation; improvements based on feedback have already been implemented.
The pilot phase began on July 18 to provide each ASI member and invited participants with an opportunity to carry out one or more self assessments against ASI's draft Standards via ASI's new online assurance platform, elementAl.

Over 65 users have been actively working with elementAl to create test self assessments and learn about the many features this new platform has to offer. Constructive feedback has been plentiful and has already led to improvements to the self assessment maturity ratings, as well as numerous other pages and functionalities.

The Secretariat has also been busy preparing support materials to ease the learning curve for new users. To this end, the platform's Help Desk and FAQ have been active, and the first two of a regular series of elementAl webinars have been produced: one to address how to define the certification scope and a second to explain the maturity rating self assessment procedure.

The pilot phase will run through to late September/early October.