The ASI Board, at its November 15, 2023 meeting approved the ASI Entity GHG Pathways Calculation Tool as an “ASI endorsed methodology” for Performance Standard v3 Criterion 5.3 on GHG Emissions Reduction Plans.

The Secretariat is now continuing to work on the rollout plan developed previously:

  1. Publication of the method, tool and supporting training in January 2024, to allow Entities and Auditors to prepare for implementation/audits.
  2. Incorporation into ASI Performance Standard Guidance revision (v.3.1.1) in May 2024, against which subsequent ASI Audits are to be assessed.
  3. Further research and development by the Secretariat in 2024 regarding bauxite and alumina slopes; land use emissions.

The Board congratulated the Standards Committee, Climate Change Working Group and Secretariat on the timely delivery of a 1.5 degree aligned method that is applicable to all ASI certifying Entities – a critical priority for ASI this year.

About the Entity GHG Pathways Calculation Tool

During 2023, the ASI Climate Change Working Group worked to develop the methodology that ASI Entities can use to define GHG Emissions Reduction Pathways, consistent with a 1.5C warming scenario. The 2022 Performance Standard criterion 5.3 made provision for an “ASI endorsed methodology” for this work. The need for a bespoke methodology came about because other pathways methods that are under development do not fully meet ASI’s needs.

The endorsed Calculation Tool is an Excel version of the method that requires minimal input from Entities (often 1-2 numbers) to generate Pathway(s) for the Entity, specific to the Supply Chain Activities within its Certification Scope.