Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI) announced that IPI S.r.l. has been successfully certified against the ASI Performance Standard with a focus on material stewardship for its aseptic packaging production operations.

The company’s products are destined for use in the food and beverage packaging sector, including for long-life milk and dairy products, non-carbonated soft drinks such as fruit juices, wine and spirits, and liquid foods such as soups, tomatoes and sauces.

The ASI Certification program was developed through an extensive multi-stakeholder consultation process and is the only comprehensive voluntary sustainability standard initiative for the aluminium value chain. ASI Performance Standard certifications focusing on ‘material stewardship’ address issues such as product design, life cycle assessments, management of process scrap and collection and recycling of products at end-of-life.

The independent, third-party audit of the IPI plant was carried out by Bureau Veritas Certification.

Fiona Solomon, Chief Executive Officer at ASI said, “We warmly congratulate IPI on their ASI Performance Standard – Material Stewardship Certification in Italy. Even in times of crisis such as this, the packaging sector continues to support the global food and beverage sector to provide the nutrition that the world needs. We appreciate the critical role aseptic packaging plays to enable long shelf-life products, and IPI’s ASI Certification demonstrates their additional commitment to responsible production.”

IPI's CEO said, “We work responsibly every day to improve ourselves bringing liquid food products to consumers in a safe and sustainable way. In doing this, we also support our suppliers to enhance transparency and promote responsible practices throughout the supply chain. Our carton packs – made of paper fibre from certified, responsible sources – include an ultra-thin barrier layer of aluminium foil. IPI strongly supports ASI’s commitment to promote the responsible production, sourcing and stewardship of aluminium. The ASI certification provides us with a good way to qualify aluminium suppliers by considering strict environmental, ethical and social standards.”