According to Al Shaibi, Qatar was a vibrant and prosperous nation with designs on a knowledge-based economy by 2030.

In aluminium terms, he said that furthering Qatar's downstream industrial base was a top priority and that Qatalum was the flagbearer of the Gulf aluminium industry.

In his own presentation, Al Shaibi said that Qatalum's achievements were based on a clear vision and a determination to increase investment in primary aluminium production capacity.

"Our growth must be tempered with a long-term perspective," he told delegates, adding that he didn't expect low metal prices to last.

In 2012, Qatalum is on stream to produce 620kt aluminium and is determined to enhance its global presence through the provision of high quality products, which will help the company cope with price volatility.

The plan is to increase both production and efficiency and focus on projects based on the best technology.

"We have put in place a modern infrastructure and have increased our industrial sector's contribution to GDP," Al Shaibi said, adding that he believes there should be no limits to industry and no borders to markets.

Aluminium, said Al Shaibi, is a genuine international industry due to its interdependence upon raw materials.