Many older aluminium smelters have little of no access control to prevent ingress to areas where dangerous machinery may be operating.

Machines subsequently added to such installations may include safety fencing and access gate interlocks, but this is often specific to the machine itself and is not integrated with any external systems such as conveyors.

In 2004-5 VHE was awarded a contract by ISAL, then Alcan Iceland, for the Rodding Plant Access Control project. The contract included the design, fabrication and installation of the mechanical and electrical components of a major upgrade of safety and guarding procedures as part of ISAL’s compliance with group, national and European standards.

The guarding systems include conventional gates and barriers in safety fence, all electrically interlocked. Where gates were not feasible – for instance, where constant fork-lift access is necessary - infra-red beams were provided.

VHE continues to update and modify the system to include new and upgarded machinery.