AMETEK Surface Vision has announced a reorganisation that will bring the company’s sales, support and application expertise closer to customers in 2020.

Dedicated business regions in the Americas, Europe, and Asia will become the primary regional gateways for Surface Vision to support users of Surface Vision’s SmartView® and SmartAdvisor® surface inspection and monitoring solutions. By offering easy access to local sales and project teams, service requirements, technical support and application engineering, Surface Vision will respond quickly and decisively to all its customers.

And by drawing on its regional team’s expertise as well as an extended pool of technical and applications knowledge embedded in its global business network, Surface Vision can fully support customers through the entire lifecycle of their assets.

To drive the change, François Levac and Satoshi Suzuki have been promoted to the key roles of Americas Business Director and Asia Business Director, respectively. Responsible for developing all customer-facing functions regionally, François and Satoshi’s familiarity with customers — combined with their expert technical and application knowledge — will help them develop sales and support functions that best suit local customer requirements.

Paul Stuyt and Yamina Lansari have been appointed Global Manager of Projects and Service, and Global Manager of Technical Services, respectively. Paul will develop new processes to improve the coordination and delivery of special projects and service requirements, while Yamina will manage technical support teams, improving their accessibility and responsiveness.

“Customers in every region will see significant improvements in how they access and are supported by AMETEK Surface Vision,” said Jason Zyglis, Division Vice President of Sales and Project Management. “Our mission is to be the customer’s primary choice as the trusted supplier of surface inspection technologies, building long-lasting relationships that bring direct and measurable benefits to their processes and productivity.”

“It’s very pleasing to announce that key members of the Surface Vision team will be taking on greater responsibility for their critical customer-facing roles,” said Ben Wileman, Division Vice President and Business Manager, AMETEK Surface Vision. “Their experienced technical insights, coupled with their familiarity with users’ specific wants and needs, means we can move immediately on developing stronger links with all our customers, wherever they are based.”