This material produced in accordance with this strict sustainability standard is used for the outer body sheet of the A6 Avant tailgate. For AMAG, this order not only represents its first-ever sale of ASI-certified materials, it also marks the company’s debut as a supplier of outer body sheets for this model series.

The ASI Chain of Custody standard defines the requirements for creating a responsible aluminium supply chain. This covers every step of the value creation process – from the production of bauxite, or secondary aluminium through processing in the foundry and rolling mill, to the finished product. ASI certification confirms that both the primary and secondary aluminium used by AMAG and the company’s internal processes meet the high sustainability requirements set out by the standard.

"I am delighted for this opportunity to intensify our cooperation with Audi with AMAG aluminium produced according to proven sustainability standards. AMAG has been committed to the resource-efficient production of recycled aluminium for many years. This commitment has been enhanced by our recent certification in accordance with ASI standards,” says AMAG CEO Gerald Mayer.