Austria's largest rooftop photovoltaic system with a 55,000 m2 of collector area was set into operation following AMAG’s announcement regarding its pathway towards climate neutrality.

In the presence of owner representatives, the chairman of state government, Thomas Stelzer, and guests from the region, the AMAG board of directors presented the path to climate-neutral production by 2040 on September 15, 2021. As a major milestone on this path, the largest rooftop Photovoltaic system in Austria was set into operation at this event. 

The strategy of AMAG, for many years, relied on special products and sustainability based on innovation. On this basis, the company has changed its path to climate-neutral production by 2040, turning its attention to extensive R&D activities and investments in plants and infrastructure. The core topics are circular economy and recycling, energy efficiency and the replacement of fossil energy sources.

The plans outlined detailed examples of changed which will be implemented across the company, throughout different areas of its production.

For example, the Ranshofen sites recycling activities are to be expanded accordingly and accompany the plan of growth.

AMAG's path to climate neutrality also called upon political support of their framework and for making Austria's climate goals achievable.

Gerald Mayer, CEO of AMAG Austria Metall AG commented,

“Since we have been working consistently and successfully on our sustainability program for many years, we are convinced that we will be able to manage the transition to climate-neutral production in the specified period up to 2040. An essential prerequisite for this, however, is the availability of green energy at internationally competitive costs and an efficient infrastructure”

Gerald Mayer, CEO of AMAG Austria Metall AG

Aside from the new pathway to carbon neutrality, AMAG set into operation Austria's largest rooftop photovoltaic system.After only five months of construction, the system was officially put into operation on September 15, 2021. With 55,000 m2 of collector surface, this system will generate 6.7 GWh of electricity annually on the roofs of the new rolling mill. The capacity of the system would be sufficient to supply around 1,800 households with electricity.

Gerald Mayer continued,

“With our new solar power plant, we are taking another step on the way to decarbonizing our site and thus to climate neutrality, which we want to achieve by 2040. We would like to thank everyone involved in the project for their commitment over the past few months and for the on time completion, despite the occasional difficult weather conditions”

Gerald Mayer, CEO of AMAG Austria Metall AG

The governor of Upper Austria Thomas Stelzer, praised the achievements

“In hardly any other country in the world manufacturing companies produce as cleanly as in Upper Austria. With its measures in the field of sustainability, and particularly with the unique solar power project, AMAG is sending another strong signal that Upper Austria is a climate pioneer: through new technologies and a spirit of innovation - and not through taxes and bans. AMAG's plans are also a clear commitment to the region, which is more important than ever in these challenging times”

Thomas Stelzer, Govenor of Upper Austria

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