In 2012, AMAG rolling GmbH selected Danieli to design, manufacture and install a new aluminium hot rolling mill, with its auxiliaries.

Danieli took the challenge and supplied a plant that meets AMAG’s high quality standards, and achieves the demanding quality performances required from the machine.

This hot rolling mill is used to process products ranging from medium-thickness plates to thin-strip coils, for alloys ranging from series 1xxx to 8xxx for aerospace, marine, transportation and commercial applications.
The aluminium ingots are rolled to produce either plates or coils. The rolling stock is precisely and automatically measured in line (i.e., thickness, crown, wedge, and length) in order to comply with the stringent tolerance targets. After cutting, the plates are marked and stacked for the next process phases.

Alternatively, the slabs can be rolled in multiple passes to produce coils, that are automatically removed from the mandrel, strapped, weighed and marked. The plant is able to produce tread coils and clad materials as well.
The rolling line is fully controlled and operated by the L1 and L2 automation system developed by Danieli Automation, which allows the plant to be run with just a few operators.

The project was carried out in a spirit of full collaboration by Danieli and AMAG, and all the obstacles that developed during implementation were effectively resolved by the team.

The first plate was successfully hot-rolled in September 2014, ahead of the contractual milestone, and AMAG signed the Final Acceptance Certificate in October 2015.

The performance tests have achieved all the quality performance targets, over and above the contractual requirements. During this project, Danieli received the approval of TüV Austria, which is one of Europe's most important institutes for certifying machines' quality and performance compliance.

Thanks to these results, AMAG has decided to continue working with Danieli by awarding another order for a completely new slitting and coil preparation line.